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Product Smart Tag

The need for continuous improvement is in you. Improved production and profitability comes from decisions and actions based on insights. Insights come from analyzing and understanding your herd’s performance trends. Your herd’s performance trends are shaped by the individual animals in it.

The first step to gain insights about your herd is making sure each cow is identified and connected to her own record. If you don’t know your cow, how will you know her impact on your bottom line?

Take control
Maximize herd performance and farm efficiency with Nedap CowControl.

Let your SmartTags show you more than the expert eye can see. Day and night.

Our advanced SmartTags identify each cow and keep track of her signs of heat position, eating, rumination standing, lying, walking and inactive behavior 7/24. This provides the most precise and complete information about the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of individual cows and groups Supplemented by their exact location in the barn.

Let technology serve you instead of the other way around.

Nedap CowControl cleverly turns SmartTag data into real-time and relevant alerts, to-do lists, reports and barn maps to help manage and control your herd. These actionable insights are easy to understand and presented on PC, tablet and smartphone. Nedap CowControl also integrates with your farm automation systems and dairy management programs. As a result, you and your team automatically focus on the right cows, at the right time, with the right treatment.

Make data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.

With Nedap CowControl you can also improve farm management at the tactical and strategic levels, using behavior insights of your groups and entire herd. They show you how external factors and management decisions influence the herd's performance. A tool for you and advisors to evaluate the impact of (changed) feeding strategies, housing conditions and milking procedures. So you can make confident choices to continuously improve your bottom line


Nedap CowControl combines an unmatched range of monitoring features and management tools in a highly advanced, yet easy to use system.

Cow Locating
Locate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily. See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.

Health Monitoring
Individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Heat Detection
Highly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal inseminationmoment, as well as reproduction insights.

Herd Performance
Trends Chart the behavior patterns of your groups and entire herd. Get group alerts when possible risks affect a group's performance. Evaluate the impact of management decisions on herd performance to make improvements.

Integration & Connection
Easily connect Nedap CowControl to your farm automation systems and dairy management programs thanks to advanced integration applications.

Proven electronic ISO compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and sorting & routing equipment.


Put the power of precision farming on your side. Improve your bottom line with the solutions to maximize dairy herd performance and save time, labor and costs.

Heat Detection

Improve reproduction results. Increase labor efficiency.
Nedap CowControl detects the heats of millions of cows with outstanding accuracy, helping dairy farmers worldwide improve reproduction results and labor efficiency. It automatically tracks signs of heat - such as increased activity, sniffing, chin resting and mounting behavior - of all your cows 24 hours a day. The system shows a clear list of all cows in heat with their optimal insemination moment for effective insemination with the highest chance of conception. It also provides additional reproduction insights, helping you to find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.

Health Monitoring

Keep cows healthy, fertile and productive.
Nedap Health Monitoring is an essential tool to keep your cows healthy, fertile and productive. The SmartTag Neck and Leg both register a combination of three behavioral aspects, giving the most precise and complete insight into the health status of each cow. The system compares all behavior with standards for optimum condition, the previous behavior of the cow and the behavior of the group she is in and detects changes or abnormalities. It provides the earliest and most reliable health alerts for cows that need urgent attention and shows a list of cows that need to be checked today, allowing you to treat health issues before they become problems. It also enables you to intensively monitor transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Herd Performance

Trends Evaluate group and herd behavior. Improve farm management.
Nedap CowControl charts the behavior patterns of your groups and entire herd. They show you how external factors and management decisions influence the herd’s performance. The system sends a group alert when it detects abnormalities among a percentage of the cows in a group, allowing you to respond to external factors posing a risk to their health, milk production and reproduction. At strategic level, group behavior reports and herd performance insights offer a valuable tool to measure and evaluate the impact of (changed) feeding strategies, housing conditions and milking procedures. So you have fact-based information to continuously optimize your management and improve your bottom line.

Cow Locating

Stop searching. Start finding.
Finding cows needing to be checked, inseminated, treated or fetched was never as easy and time-saving as it is with Nedap Cow Locating. The system automatically locates the cows you need to find. It accurately shows and follows the real-time position of individual or multiple cows on your barn map with one click on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Nedap Cow Locating is fully integrated with Heat Detection, Health Monitoring and Herd Performance Trends. As a result, responding to cows that need attention is easier and quicker than ever. This saves you and your team a lot of time and aggravation every day and at the same time ensures a better follow-up of alerts.


Nedap CowControl supports you in getting the most out of your cows, your farm and your farm life. From the day it is installed long into the future. Where do you want to make improvements?

Improve reproduction results?

  • Increase heat detection rates
  • Increase submission rates (reduced missed heats)
  • Increase conception rates (better timing of AI)
  • Increase pregnancy rates
  • Optimize calving intervals
  • Find non-cycling and irregular cycling cows
  • Detect non-pregnant cows earlier
  • Add value to synchronization programs with automated cherry picking

Better cow health and condition?

  • Detect health issues 2-3 days earlier
  • Closely monitor individual cow behavior and health in the transition period
  • Treat more effective
  • Measure post-treatment recovery Improve fertility through better condition
  • Reduce mortality rate

Improve farm management?

  • Use actionable cow insights for targeted, pro-active and efficient daily management
  • Use group and herd insights to chart the herd’s patterns, evaluate performance and implement long-term management improvements
  • Have a tool to let AI-technicians, veterinarians and nutritionists have access to your individual cow, group and herd behavior insights
  • Management by exception: only focus on cows that need attention

Get a more productive and sustainable herd?

  • Achieve more peak productive days per cow
  • Achieve more milk per cow
  • Prevent production loss
  • Extend your cow’s life span and number of lactations
  • Reduce forced culling due to fertility and health problems
  • Get cow performance insights to improve selection

Increase labor efficiency and effectiveness?

  • Automatically identify cows, detect heats,monitor health and locate cows 24/7
  • Integrate cow data with farm automation systems and dairy management programs to get more out of automation
  • Focus your resources on the right cow, at the right time with the right treatment
  • Let your team make confident decisions with fact-based herd information

Save costs?

  • Save on labor
  • Reduce fertility / insemination costs
  • Minimize veterinary treatment and medication
  • Reduce death loss
  • Reduce costs of synchronization programs: save on labor and hormone use

Improve welfare and sustainable production?

  • Give cows the individual attention they need
  • Keep a close eye on the health, comfort and well-being of your cows
  • Have a tool to increase production while using the same or less resources
  • Minimize disruption of cow routines: reduce pregnancy checks, lock-up times, number of 'touches' per lactation and cow-employee interactions

More enjoyable work?

  • Gain peace of mind with control over your herd 24/7
  • Have real-time cow and herd insights available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Stop searching for cows - start finding them
  • Save time for other tasks and activities


Choose the SmartTag Neck or Leg with the features that fit best to your preference and farm situation.


  • Identification (ISO)
  • Heat Detection
  • Health Monitoring: Eating behavior
  • Identification (ISO)
  • Heat Detection
  • Health Monitoring: Eating, Rumination and Inactive behavior
  • Herd Performance Trends
  • Identification (ISO)
  • Heat Detection
  • Health Monitoring: Eating, Rumination and Inactive behavior
  • Herd Performance Trends
  • Cow Locating


  • Identification (ISO)
  • Heat Detection
  • Health Monitoring: Standing, Lying and Walking behavior
  • Herd Performance Trends