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Product Magellan® - Alley Flooring

Magellan® - Alley Flooring

Magellan is the first rubber active alley flooring combining comfort and security. It is composed of grooves allowing the continuous evacuation of liquids toward the collection facilities thereby reducing ammonia generation.

Magellan Groove combines rubber fingers with a bladed scraper.The scraper passes every 90 minutes to evacuate excrement. This system assures the automatic evacuation of manure. The animals’ hooves are elevated above the secreted fluids keeping them dry. This process solves one of the most important problems of traditional alley flooring as the animal’s hoof is elevated above the excreta fluids.


  • 3 % slope
  • Drier last step
  • Better hygiene


  • Cows Hooves are not surrounded by liquids making hooves harder and healthier.
  • Movement on flexible rubber protects joints.
  • Bacteriological problems such as digital dermatitis also called(Mortellaro’s disease) are now better controlled.
  • Less ammonia generation(already strictly regulated in some countries).
    • Supplier: Bioret

      Categoey: Animal Circulation

      Animal Type: Sheep and goat