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Product Sheep Conveyor 4.2m Trailer

Sheep Conveyor 4.2m Trailer

Prattley sheep handlers and conveyors are light weight alloy and long lasting with adjustable height.


  • Designed for large operations, contractors and stations to maximise throughput times and reduce labour costs
  • Lightweight galvanized trailer
  • Non slip perforated alloy working platform on both sides
  • Includes 9HP Honda hydraulic power pack, entry and exit ramps
  • Variable speed and adjustable width
  • Specifications:
  • Total length: 9.2m
  • Working Length: 3.4m
  • Towing Length: 5.5m
  • Width(at widest point): 1.9m
  • Total weight: 950kg.

Supplier: Prattley

Categoey: Handlers & Conveyors

Animal Type: Sheep and goat