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Product Electronic Concentrate Feeding

Electronic Concentrate Feeding

Nedap offers dairies Electronic Concentrate Feeding with the Nedap Cow Feeding Station using individual electronic animal identification (RFID). This cattle feeding equipment gives every cow the right feed at the right time in the right portion size, following a tailor-made feed curve you can easily set up. The Nedap Cow Feeding Station allows you to feed your cows based on four factors:

  • Milk Production
  • Lactation days
  • Per production group
  • Fixed, individual dairy cow feed ration

By spreading out each animal’s portions of concentrate throughout the day, you can prevent digestive problems so your animals can remain in optimal condition. This in turn lays the foundation for successful production results while also saving on feed and labor costs – an ideal win - win situation.

Supplier: Nedap

Categoey: Cow Control

Animal Type: Ruminants