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About Us
Based in the United Arab Emirates, with a global outlook we actively search for the newest innovations to bring to you.
Our success story was the result of our diverse and international team of farming experts with decades of farming background.
We change workflow, build networks, and distribute globally recognized and respected brands to ensure all farmers maintain and grow their success.
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BAIOS is dedicated to connect our strong network around the globe, our 60+years of accumulative shared experience in the industry, our high exposure to worldwide farms, handling problems and search for all the best solutions.
This allows us to serve you with the best formula for success, so you can easily and rapidly accomplish more with the same resources and amount of time.
We provide you with facts that are challenging for you to find on your own. Through the partnership with industry leaders, we follow breadcrumbs to solve your puzzle put together the pieces follow the pattern to bring your problems to the light delivered with imagination, innovation, and creativity.
To adopt and accelerate the pace of farmers to that of technology.
Baios aims to connect and bring the farmers and technology together
We support practices and equipments that will sustain prosperous farm businesses now and in the future. As a community of farmers and experts, we support: Sustainable Farming Practices. As caretakers of the resourceful lands we live on, we must be conscientious and mindful of environmental hazards. We encourage farming practices that sustain healthy food, water, and air, and that will protect our climate for the next generation of individuals. Mindful Labor Practices. Farming is a deeply satisfying and joyful work that should allow each farmer to fully utilize his or her innate talents and abilities. Farmers should be part of a community working toward the common goal of sustainable farming for the future.

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